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Biodroga Solution Set for Normal Skin

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Biodroga Milky Cleanser

Biodroga Milky Cleanser is a water-soluble formula that rinses off easily. It gently, yet thoroughly, cleanses without drying out the skin. It soothes and heals the skin. It optimizes the skin’s moisture level.

No mineral oil, parabens, silicones, PEG or animal ingredients. Dermatologically tested.

Biodroga Skin Lotion Mild

Biodroga Skin Lotion Mild is a mild cleansing lotion (toner). It is suitable for all skin types, except oily or impure skin. It is the ideal final stage in the cleansing ritual. Gently removes any remaining residues on the skin, such as, flakes and excess sebum. Soothes, refreshes and hydrates the skin.

No mineral oil, parabens, silicones, PEG or animal ingredients. Dermatologically tested.

Biodroga AHA Facial Exfoliator

Facial Exfoliator with 10% Glycolic Acid helps fade age spots and other discolorations. A unique facial peeling formulation combines an intensive peeling effect with special AHA properties. Skin is deeply cleansed and takes on a visibly refined, younger appearance.

Biodroga Power Moist Mask

BIODROGA Power Moist Mask is a refreshing, silky mask that nourishes, pampers and protects moisture-deficient skin.

No parabens, mineral oil, PEG or silicon.

Biodroga Energize & Perfect 24-Hour Care

Energize & Perfect 24 Hour Care results in a radiant complexion with more resilient and firmer looking facial contours. It has a fourfold effect to skin with the first signs of aging: concealing, anti-aging, anti-puffiness & moisturizing.

Offers antioxidant protection, supplies skin with moisture and binds moisture in skin, improves skin’s structure and texture, imparts more elasticity and leaves firmed looking facial contours, counters water deposits, helps to diminish dryness lines and conceals wrinkles.

Biodroga MD CC Cream

The BIODROGA MD EVEN & PERFECT CC Cream, SPF 20 Color Correction is a perfect all-rounder for a conditioned, even skin tone. It is a light makeup foundation that adapts itself to any skin tone. CC Cream is moisturizing and anti-aging. It combats the negative effects of UVA and UVB rays.


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Does normal skin mean your skin is perfect all of the time? Of course not.

The best way to think about your normal skin is that it doesn’t give you many problems – for the most part, it isn’t too dry, too oily or acne-prone. Yet, even those with seemingly flawless skin still can feel a bit of dryness or a bit of oiliness or see signs of combination skin with occasional clogged pores. Think about it as mostly normal skin plus a little bit of other minor, occasional issues.

Our skin care products for “normal’ skin are designed to maintain a healthy skin, while addressing minor issues such as aging, sun-damage and dehydration.

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Biodroga MD CC Cream


Anti-Redness, Anti-Aging


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