Oily Acne: 4 Step Kit

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Biodroga MD CLEAR + Cleansing Fluid

STEP 1: This gentle cleanser counters inflammation and regulates breakouts. It prevents the development of impurities and soothes light skin irritations in both dry and oily skin.

Biodroga MD CLEAR + Clarifying Lotion

STEP 2: Disinfect with MD CLEAR + Clarifying Lotion (w/salicylic acid). The clarifying effect prevents the development of skin impurities and existing impurities clear up faster.

No mineral oil, synthetic fragrances or colors, PEG, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, animal substances or parabens. Dermatologically tested.

Biodroga MD CLEAR + Anti-Blemish Cream

STEP 4: SPOT Treat blemishes with Biodroga MD Clear + Anti-Blemish Cream

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Acne skin may be caused by a variety of factors – it is not simply a question of age. Acne may occur during puberty, menopause, pregnancy or stress. Bacteria, environmental influences, medications, hormonal oscillations, diet, lifestyle and/or health issues all contribute to skin breakouts.

In addition, there are 2 types of acne: dry acne and oily acne.  Dry acne, often hormonal in nature, is characterized by skin that looks and feels dry, yet still experiences breakouts (often painful.) Oily acne is characterized by shiny, oily areas, comedones, pustules and blemishes, deposits, scars and enlarged pores. Our acne regimens are designed to address your type of acne and balance out the root cause – resulting in healthy skin long-term.