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Fish Eggs In Your Face Cream?

Marine-based ingredients are the new craze in beauty products. Seaweed, algae and sea salt, for example, are showing up in many skin favorites. And now, we can add FISH EGGS! – Yes! Caviar – to that list.What benefits can you expect from Caviar-Based...

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Solution for Sensitive and Red Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you are already aware of the wide variety of factors that can affect it – from a change of weather, to environmental factors, to ingredients and products. You are also aware of the symptoms: redness, scaliness, swelling,...

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Proven 4 Step Program for Cystic Acne

There are few things more frustrating than deep, painful cysts that live under the skin and never come to a head! This type of acne – also referred to as cystic acne – is not only painful, it is difficult to eliminate. Why? Well, everyone seems to have a...

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Wellness and Your Skin

Importance of Wellness As the back to school rush gets underway and summer simmers with cooling temperatures, it’s important to keep in mind personal wellness in mind. With less daylight and vitamin D reaching the skin, keeping your mind and body balanced...

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Can Collagen Make Me Look Younger?

What is Collagen? Collagen is one one of those terms that is easily tossed around in the skin care world. “You must Increase your collagen-production,” our estheticians confidently tell us. “What is collagen?” we ask.” Stumped, they mutter out a few words...

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You Are Already Beautiful

Look, here’s the “skinny.” You are already gorgeous – inside and out. The beauty industry will try to tell you (us included) that you need lotions and potions to make you beautiful. Hog wash! As we change from the season of going outward (Summer) to the...

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